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Kudos to Discover Osteopathic Physical Therapy and Anna . I went in to see her with back spasms in my mid back and some rib issues . She really helped out , and I was back to normal after a few sessions.

I really appreciate her care and the extra time she spent with me and her ability to incorporate all the different modalities she has at her disposal. We are lucky to have in the Skowhegan area.

-Miles Carpenter, Skowhegan

Anna does amazing work!! I was suffering from sciatic pain and numbness. She was able to help me get feeling back and begin healing. Thank you!!

-Mike Golden ll, Solon

I was having issues with sciatic pain from my lower back all the way down my leg for about 2 weeks. I came here for my 1st appointment and felt immediate relief. She  referred me to Comfort Shoes (also amazing) for some special inserts and that helped so much. My 2nd appointment was dry needling with manipulation and some massage. By my 3rd appointment I feel 100% better. What a huge relief! Thank you so much!! Highly recommend!         

Oscar Brann, Skowhegan

Dr. Wiser has been extremely helpful in the management of my neck pain recently. I love the option of having multiple holistic techniques of treatment at one visit. I feel very comfortable during my sessions and trust her knowledge and skill. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone that is experiencing pain. A+++

Katye Roy, Cornville Maine

I was an athlete growing up and I joined the Army and as a kid I hurt my left hip, so for years I always had pain, my hip would go out and sometimes I couldn't walk due to it. It got far worse after the physicalness in bct I would collapse when I ran an as a runner for years growing up it was devastating. For 10 years I was always in pain. Last year I started seeing Anna just a couple times a month, she's sweet, honest, caring, and because of her I have my life back pain free. I can walk further, I can go up hills without any pain. My goal was to be able to go for long walks again. She has amazing treatments that do work. Thank you Anna

Laura Bottini, Skowhegan

I was very impressed with Discover OPT as Anna was able to figure out the cause of my hip pain and treat it with a variety of methods. I have been to 3 other practitioners who were not successful and have lived with this pain for 7 months. I would highly recommend trying out Discover OPT.

Julie Swain, Kingfield

If you deal with any type of pain at all, you should definitely make an appointment to see Dr. Anna! For almost 2 years I dealt with agonizing low back pain for an injury. Nothing worked, chiropractor care wasn’t doing anything for it, OTC stuff didn’t work, creams…. Nothing! I finally made an appointment with Dr.Anna and within a couple day of my first treatment I actually had a lot of relief! I hadn’t felt that good in what felt like forever! Fast forward to my second treatment and I feel amazing! What I love about Dr.Anna is her compassion when treating a patient. She takes the time to listen to how you feel and what you have to say. You can tell she truly loves what she does and is 100% there for the patient and making them feel better! I can’t recommend her enough to anyone that is dealing with any type of pain. Go see her, it’s so worth it!

Renee Wright, Skowhegan

Anna is amazing, treats holistically and with a personalized focus.

Tammy Hey

Anna is amazing! Her dry needling technique enabled me to walk again without pain giving me back a quality of life I had been missing. I would recommend her to anyone who suffers any type of pain or discomfort.

Ernie Falcone, Embden

I've struggled with chronic low back pain for years... I've tried OTC meds, creams, heating pad, injections etc with little relief.

Dr. Anna is the only one that helped my low back pain! She used manual manipulation and dry needling as well as deep tissue massage. The best part is... even days later my pain is minimal.

Dr Anna was so nice and knowledgeable.

- Melissa, Skowhegan

Dr. Wiser has helped me with a tmj problem and more recently tennis elbow. Her professionalism, empathy and competence definitely instill confidence. Congratulations on setting up a private practice!

Carol Scholz, California

As a colleague I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Anna and Discover Osteopractic Physical Therapy. She is highly-skilled in manual therapy techniques that help you get better faster. She is great to work with, very attentive, and driven to make sure she addresses all of your needs. I would recommend her to anyone in the area that truly wants to get better the right way.

Jay Rosania,  New Jersey

Dr Staehli, (yes, my daughter) has been helping me with nagging left hip/ back pain, now resolved.  Great experience.  Thank you!

Cathleen Staehli, Madison Maine

Not many know I deal with Neuropathy and nerve pain. Just Like a lot of people I don’t like to share about my aches and pains. But I do have an obligation to share my break thru experiences when they happen.

I drove all the way out to Skowhegan, not quite sure at the time what my appointment was for, entirely.

I’ve been to the point of breaking down to the extreme of surgery. Only then to discover it’s inoperable.

So, beyond feeling let down. I’ve been through months of nerve repairing medications being injected with minimal relief.

My uncle had purchased a muscle spazzing machine he had let me try for a few weeks. But I returned it to him sure I wasn’t going to waste money buying one for myself as it did nothing.

At “Discover Osteopractic physical therapy” there was ample parking right at the building. Dr Wiser presented kind, caring and professional. Her exam started with a conversation about my circumstances and treatment history. Her physical exam consisted more of a neurological evaluation rather than muscle strength and condition. Some of her treatments are not covered by insurance companies. Honestly I’ve been put thru insurance ringers time and time again. Cutting the ‘monkey out of the middle’ seems a logical step from where I’m at. Instead of being restricted to try one procedure at a time. Dr. Wiser evaluated my personal limitations, applied her findings and specialized this appointment which included many of her offered treatments all during this first hour session. It’s a remarkable feeling when someone sends you out their door and you know they gave it their best to better your every step forward. Dry needling, with the addition of the educated spazz machine procedure (that I had once given up on) proved to have lingering improvements during my long drive home. I am excited, more than I have been with all my several other treatments. Feeling loose and relaxed in places normally heavy and tingly. I will update a review if I experience more in the days to come.

I have to say The medical field needs more Dr. Wisers. Not just in her professional  performance but in her strive to get results as quickly as possible and return people to a happy healthy life.

Claire Lackie, Burnham Maine

Unfortunately I found myself in need of physical therapy. I was diagnosed with sciatica, a pinched nerve in my back and a misalignment of my hip. My provider recommended rehab services and I was lucky enough to get Anna as my therapist. Anna introduced me to numerous stretching exercises, but I was also introduced to new methods of dry needling and cupping therapy. The results of these therapies have paid off tremendously for me. I found my physical therapist Anna Staehli-Wiser to be so helpful in the way she kept me informed of everything she was doing and the benefits of it. Anna's work ethics, commitment to her patients and bedside manner are second to none. I highly recommend anyone in need of rehab services to see Anna.

-Kevin Pinkham, Winslow Maine

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anna, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of care and expertise she offers. During my evaluation, Anna took the time to get to the root of my problem and then developed a custom therapy plan for me that was effective and manageable with my busy schedule. Anna was patient, highly knowledgeable, and provided clear instructions throughout the treatment process, which helped me to recover quickly and effectively. I highly recommend Anna to anyone who is looking for a lasting solution to their pain.

-Travis Roberts, Skowhegan ME

“I am a 62 year old woman who has suffered with migraines for over 10 years. I have tried several medications, monthly injections, and infusion treatments over that time, with short term, or little to no relief. Until I tried Osteopractic services with Anna. I have received massage treatment, cupping, spinal manipulation, dry needling and also myofascial release. I have had significant decrease in the number of migraines I get, and also in the severity of them. Receiving treatment with Anna has significantly improved the quality of my life. I am very thankful.”

-Rhonda Foss, Skowhegan

Anna is a very skilled physical therapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She successfully helped me with a knee problem six years ago and is currently working on building strength in my other knee.  I highly recommend her as a physical therapist.

-Mim Scheurenbrand, Cornville Maine

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